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Quentin self-propelled boom lift delivery to UAE

Number of visits: Date:2019-05-21 10:43
Self-propelled boom lifts are used for lifting with high-altitude works. It can overcome the obstacles to do the aerial work, the platform can rotate 360 degrees, compact structure, flexible steering, its chassis width can ensure the equipment into the narrow channel and crowded work area. Standby power equipment can operate the work platform reset, with a convenient transport mode that can be drawn into any place. The control panel is easy to identify, multiple security, advanced integrated hydraulic electrical integration system.
The drive mode can select traction, diesel-powered, and DC. 
Every piece of equipment before shipment will undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that customers can use it after receiving the goods.
Recently, we have a Dubai customer who ordered this boom lift. He is very satisfied with the quality of our products and our service, so he placed the order very soon.
Just last week, we completed the detection of the equipment and recorded the video and sent it to the customer. After receiving a satisfactory customer response, we arranged the shipment last weekend.
Because the whole machine is too high for a 40 container, we have to disassemble the machine into two parts. At first, the customer had doubts about this. He was worried that he could not assemble it properly, but after we sent the customer a detailed assembly instruction, the customer completely dispelled doubts.
Quentin lift, a caring and responsible hydraulic lifting equipment manufacturer. If you have any need for hydraulic lifting equipment, don't hesitate, please contact us immediately, we will provide you with the best service and the best price.

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