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Overview Of Lifting Equipment

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There is a wide variety of lifting equipment available to hire or buy, and it can be difficult to know at first which type of platform is most suitable for your business needs. This article is intended to be a brief guide of a few of the different kinds of platforms that are out there, and what uses they are most suitable for. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of what you need to look out for, then you can feel confident when you are shopping for your platform, whether it is the first one you have bought, or just the first of that particular type.

Scissor Lifts - the height of scissor lifts' platforms ranges from 6 metres to 20 metres, and they come in the standard range of fuel types. You can buy compact, narrow scissor lifts that are specially designed for interior applications such as warehouses, and can fit through doorways. Some of the larger scissor lifts have an extendable platform area to give you a larger working area. If large distances need to be covered, a bi-fuel scissor lift is more suitable.

Boom Lifts - both cherry pickers and boom lifts are available from all the major manufacturers, and again, compact versions are available that can be as little as 1 metre wide and can access confined spaces. Working heights range from 6 metres to 16 metres. If you need to be able to reach up and over an obstacle, you should go for a large articulating boom with up and over access which will also give you a working height of 25 metres. If you need to reach particularly high, a large stick boom will give you a working height of up to 135 metres with a large outreach. These are usually diesel powered.

Personnel Lifts - these tend to offer greater manoeuvrability in small areas, and are very portable, usually being able to be moved into position and set up by one person. Working heights can still go up to 10 metres, with a good sized platform that can offer space for two workers.

Trailer Mounted Lifts - these can be easily towed from site to site, and are quick to set up with either manual or hydraulic outriggers. Most of the major manufacturers offer trailer mounted booms. Self-propelled platforms need to be moved using specialised transport equipment, while trailer mounted lifts can be towed by any suitable vehicle.

Most platforms and lifting equipment comes with varying fuel types including battery, bi-fuel (battery/diesel), LPG and air powered on smaller units. Whether you are looking at scissor lifts, boom lifts or personnel lifts, they also come with a range of platform heights so you can make sure you choose one that will reach the height you need!

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