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The Importance of Choosing the Right AWP for the Job

Number of visits: Date:2019-06-26 10:13

Choosing the right aerial work platform for the job can mean the difference between an easy, efficient job and a serious accident. Not only does using the right equipment save you time and money, but it also avoids hazardous practice that could result in injury, legal fees or even a fatality. Sometimes the choice of aerial work platforms available is vast and confusing, so it is imperative that you seek expert advice when selecting a boom lift, scissor lift or other type of platform for your company.

Whether you are renting powered access equipment or buying a new or used aerial platform, it's always best to choose the machine that best suits your requirements and not simply opting for the cheapest or most versatile machine. Choosing a good all-rounder can often be a good plan, as some platforms, like boom lifts, are very versatile and can offer a range of uses. However, it is a false economy to pick an all-rounder if it does not offer the specific use you need it for. There is often a mindset of 'get a job done quickly and at the lowest possible cost' when it comes to using aerial work platforms, and though this is understandable, more often than not it results in extended timeframes and badly completed work due to operators not having the right equipment for the job. If you have to adapt or adjust your aerial work platform to perform a function it was not designed to do, you are entering into risky and potentially litigious waters...

Too often operators use equipment that was not created to perform a particular job, for example using a crane as a rudimentary aerial work platform, ladders where a scissor lift should be used, a boom in an environment that is unsuited to its height, weight or outreach. The majority of accidents occur when powered access users try to cut corners and use the wrong machine for a project. These decisions need to be made from the management level all the way down to the operators in order to make sure this doesn't happen - this includes deciding on purchasing or renting the right AWP, acquiring appropriate training for the operator of each individual machine, performing safe practice when transporting and using equipment, and ensuring that your aerial platforms are properly maintained and repaired.

Choosing the right AWP for the job is the first step to safe and efficient powered access use.

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We have all kinds of AWP(aerial work platform) for sale, as well as providing training and accessories.


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