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An Overview of the Towable Lift

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The towable lift is referred to by several names, such as cherry picker, man lift, basket crane, hydraladder, towable aerial lift, and towable boom lift. It is essentially a common type of aerial work platform that features either a flat platform or an open bucket at the end of a hydraulic supporting arm. What makes the towable lift different from other types of aerial work platforms is the fact that it is simply towed behind a truck unlike other units that are self standing and mounted onto trailers. Aerial boom lifts are very useful machineries for carrying out many works. This machinery has become an integral part of the work which happens at elevated heights. It transports the workers and machineries to these elevated work sites.

Any repairs and construction work happening at an elevated place can only happen with the help of an aerial boom lift. The construction workers also make use of this often. Poll industries and telephone wiring industries need these as they do the works on top of the polls. These lifts also known as cherry pickers as the name suggests, can also be used for plucking cherries. These machineries usually reach a height of 48 meters (156 feet). The maximum weight capacity is 1000 pounds. There are different kinds of lifts and they have varied uses.

Even though the towable aerial lift was originally used for picking fruits in orchards, thus the name cherry picker, it is now used for a wide variety of applications. Most commonly, they can be found on the side of the street where they are used to work on telephone and power lines. When towns and cities put up Christmas decorations they will often use a towable lift as well. Even many fire engines these days are outfitted with a cherry picker instead of a simple ladder, and they can even be used to clean windows. In popular culture, they can be used during stage shows. For example Michael Jackson used one in some of his shows such as during his 1987 Bad tour.

The towable boom lift features an open bucket in most cases that can be easily worked from. This removes the need for the worker to get out of the machine, which is safer in most cases. There is less risk of falling out of the bucket and because the machine is insulated from electricity due to the rubber tires there is little to no risk of the operator getting an electric shock when working on power lines. The operator in these machines also typically has his own set of controls so getting into precisely the right location to work comfortably and efficiently is easy.

Articulating boom lifts also known as knuckle lifts are designed so as to transport the machinery and equipments. There are many unique features for these lifts. Even in the fully elevated position of the lift, the machinery is functional. Moreover they have the ability to be rotated in 360 degrees. So it can be rotated in both the directions. The width of the lift is also made narrower so that it can be easily moved in congested spaces. The controlling of the device is also made easy. This aids in the smooth forward and backward movement of the machinery. The lifts, which we commonly find indoors is the electrical boom. They serve the same purpose and have same features as the Articulating boom lifts.

Rechargeable batteries are used to power them. They can be driven around easily and even when the list are in elevation. The narrow chassis make it easy to work in narrow places. The straight / stick types of lift are called telescopic boom lifts. The easy immovability is the main feature of this. The 360 degree movement ability makes the sideways movement and upward-downward movement easy. Towable are another kind of lifts, which comes useful for work. This comes with an articulated boom and a turntable which is attached to trailer chassis. These can be used to tow it behind a vehicle and gasoline generators or rechargeable batteries are carried along with it for running it. These different varieties of lifts can be very useful for your work and must be chosen according to your requirement.

A need for a safety course or training is necessary to prevent all these accidents. Be sure that the operators as well as all the personnel involved in the operation have undergone safety precautions and each must know the maintenance history of the said lift. Maintenance of the lifts must be carried out as specified and allow a conduct of detailed yearly inspections if possible.

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