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Quentin self-propelled boom lift

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Quentin self-propelled boom lift aerial work platform is an aerial lift equipment, can carry out high-altitude operations across the barrier. This platform can be freely rotated within 360 degrees, is featured with a simple and compact structure, flexible steering, the chassis width can ensure the equipment enters into the narrow channel and crowded work areas. Standby power device, operational working platform reset, convenient mode of transport, may be drawn to anywhere. Easy identification of the operator panel, multiple mechanical、electrical and hydraulic safety protection, advanced integrated hydraulic electrical integrated system. You can choose traction, diesel power or direct current as drive mode.
A self-propelled boom lift is usually a smaller unit that can be moved from place to place by the operator from the basket. This means they are quick and convenient for reaching more than one tricky spot without having to stop work and re-set the unit. They are ideal for hire on a long-term project on a site, where a cherry picker may be needed for a variety of work at height. Machines such as the Quentin GKT-10 are popular for internal usage or the Quentin GKT is an example of a self-propelled boom which is often used on building sites or construction projects.
Any repairs and construction work happening at an elevated place can only happen with the help of an aerial boom lift. The construction workers also make use of this often. Poll industries and telephone wiring industries need these as they do the works on top of the polls. These lifts also known as cherry pickers as the name suggests, can also be used for plucking cherries. These machineries usually reach a height of 48 meters (156 feet). The maximum weight capacity is 1000 pounds. There are different kinds of lifts and they have varied uses.


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