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What is the benefit of wheelchair lift?

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-12 17:15
You may wonder how wheelchair users could move around or travel to different places with their wheelchairs. You may think that they find it hard and also to their caregivers who are taking care of them. But, you may be wrong. In this new era, technology is changing and keeps on producing many inventions just to make the life a person more comfortable and easier. And this is true for those wheelchair users. Wheelchair lifts are advanced mobility systems that have revolutionized the way the disabled move, work and live. They can be almost infinitely customized with end number of features for the benefit of the users with a disability.

The benefits of wheelchair lifts are clear in that they eliminate the need to lift the wheelchair and place it onto a higher or lower plane. The cumbersome procedure can be eliminated with the wheelchair lift with the individual just having to pull up his wheelchair to the platform of the lift and be lifted up or down. Individuals with disability can't possibly think of anything more convenient. It's a big shot of confidence for them.

The advantage of our home wheelchair lifts is that they can be installed inside or outside the house, and aren't cumbersome at all. They don't take much space and are quiet and comfortable. They can generally rise 10.5m and carry up to 250kg though they can be designed to carry more weight.
The other advantage of our home wheelchair lifts is that they are easy to install. “No base pit installation, directly fixed on the concrete ground” is our slogan. It’s important to fix the lifts firmly to the ground, prevent it from tilting during operation. When there is no pit for outdoor using, the concrete ground below the platform shall not be lower than the neighboring ground.

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