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How to Buy Scissor Lift Tables

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There are essentially five major factors that you should use to influence your decision when purchasing scissor lift tables. The following will discuss each of them in order to help you buy the best piece of equipment for your business.

When buying hydraulic scissor lift tables you should first take into consideration the amount of deflection that your application can tolerate. It is good to have a machine that is as precise as possible, but the only drawback is that the more precise the machine is the more it is going to cost you. So it is important to find a model that offers the right amount of precision for what you are willing to pay.

Next, you need to consider your allowable load drift of your application when purchasing mobile scissor lift tables. For example, you may find that a precision screw lift table is the optimum choice for you if your application requires a zero lift load. These are some very precise machines largely because they make use of an electric motor which turns a screw that automatically lowers or raises the lift. If your application requires stability for a long time regardless of height, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Next there are loading conditions. You need to know how your loads are going to be transferred on and off of your scissor lift tables. An example of a common loading position is the mid stroke position where the lift is not completely lowered or raised. An important factor that will determine the type of equipment you need is how the load will be placed on the lift.

Naturally, you need to be aware of the controls when purchasing scissor lift tables. This is something that you should be aware of early on when making your decisions. These days, many lifts are fully automatic and are controlled with a PLC instead of a human being. If you are going to have a human operate this piece of machinery it must feature a vertical string encoder. This will keep the PLC informed of where the precise location of the lift is at all times which will allow you to stop the lift at any time.

Last but not least, you must be well aware of your application's duty cycle when you buy scissor lift tables. Because most high quality machines do not use a human operator these days the lifting machine performs cycles at regular intervals at an accelerated rate. This could be as high as 120 times per hour depending on your application. Therefore it is highly important that you are aware of the duty cycle you require before even speaking to a manufacturer.

Hopefully this article has helped you to make the best decision when it comes to purchasing scissor lift tables.


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