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World Aerial Platform Enterprise Rankings 2016

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-23 09:46
Ranking Enterprise Country Income (in millions of dollars) Income increase
1 JLG Industries USA 1911.1 -3%
2 Terex(Genie) USA 1748 -8%
3 Skyjack USA 834.7 3%
4 Haulotte France 581.9 3%
5 Aichi Corporation Japan 538.2 7%
6 Altac USA 441 0%
7 Allmak Hek Sweden 309.2 1.30%
8 Tadano Japan 225 1.80%
9 GJJ China 217.5 -10%
10 Time USA 210 5%
11 Ruthmann Germany 193.7 25%
12 Palfinger Platforms Germany 168.8 10%
13 Niftylift UK 142.5 7%
14 Manitou France 139.8 10%
15 Bronto Skylift Finland 139.5 14%
16 Snorkel USA 130.5 19%
17 Dingli China 111.1 45%
18 Multitel pagllaro Italy 99.28 39%
19 Geda Germany 88.47 9%
20 France Elevateur France 79.1 -2%
The aerial work platform is a special type of equipment designed and manufactured to meet the needs of high-altitude operations. It can lift workers, tools, materials, etc. to the designated location through the work platform for various installation and maintenance operations, and for the operators. Provide security. The aerial work platform has a wide range of applications, such as gantry type, aluminum alloy mast type and some models of shearing type. It is suitable for indoor installation, maintenance, equipment installation, logistics and transportation, etc., straight arm type, curved arm type, mast column Climb and some models of scissor type, suitable for outdoor building construction, large equipment installation, building surface cleaning, infrastructure maintenance, etc. Developed countries in Europe and America have high labor costs and high safety requirements for high-altitude operations, making them the largest market for aerial work platforms. In 2015, the global high-altitude platform rental market had approximately 1.12 million units of equipment. Among them, the number of US aerial work platform equipment is about 550,000 units, about 300,000 in Europe (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom), and about 100,000 units in Japan, Singapore. There are also about 10,000 units. As China's second largest economy, China estimates that there will be only about 60,000 units in 2017, and the market is just getting started. In terms of per capita possession, Singapore has one device for every 400 people, 600 in the United States, 3,200 in Europe, and one in every 23,000 in China. If you want to develop into the size of the United States, there are still nearly 10 times the space in the current Chinese market, and the potential is huge.


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