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Quentin mobile dock ramp

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-07 11:28
Quentin mobile dock ramp is widely used in the dock without loading and unloading equipment and traveling loading and unloading places. It is used with forklift together. With it, the forklift can directly travel from the ground into the motor carriages to carry out batch loading and unloading operations. Safe and rapid loading and unloading of goods can be achieved only by one person, no need power supply. It allows you to reduce the amount of labor, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, improving the material circulation speed, to obtain greater economic benefits

Characteristics of the dock ramp:

1: The Mesa uses the special Diamond Network Board to have reliable strength, it can guarantee the long-term use without the distortion. Its diamond-shaped mesh structure, fully

guarantee the excellent non-slip performance, so that the forklift has a better climbing and

operability. Even in the rain, snowy weather can still guarantee the normal use.

2: Adjustable length of the cable chain can be convenient to hook the car so that the boarding bridge and the truck are close fittings.

3: The use of the hand-cranked hydraulic pump, no need for external power, can easily achieve the adjustment of the height.

4: The configuration of the brake pads can effectively prevent the displacement of the ramp when transport goods.


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