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What is the development of the hydraulic lift industry?

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-27 11:04
  1. Clear market positioning and grasp customer needs
Customer positioning, companies must understand where their customers are, their needs, seriously analyze, and can accurately grasp their customers and grasp the needs of customers. High-quality products are the foundation of enterprise development. Hydraulic lifts and lifting platforms start from every detail, and every product strives for excellence.
  1. What products or services can the company provide to customers, clear products and competitiveness
With the market and customers, it is necessary to clarify what products or services they can provide to customers. Whether the products provided are competitive or not must be clear and clear. If there are strong competitors outside, what should I do? Anyone who can be strong and big, they are very clear at the beginning of the development of similar products outside, and set their own products, must be similar to or exceed their competitors' products. Jinan Quentin Lift has excellent production equipment, advanced and reasonable technology, complete testing means and strong technical force. It also undertakes the design and production of various non-standard products. The specifications are complete and the quality is guaranteed. We have been developed and improved to include Self-propelled scissor lift, Trailed scissor lift, Guide rail cargo lift, Car elevator, Stationary and mobile dock ramp, Self-propelled boom lift, Trailed boom lift, Aluminum man lift, Wheelchair lift, Stationary scissor lift, etc. The country's leading technical level and production process of hydraulic lifts.
  1. Whether there are people and property that meet the needs of customers
Finding the right talents and making good use of talents must be carried out in a step-by-step manner according to the actual situation of the enterprise and the actual ability of the enterprise. The ultimate goal is to establish a set of employment mechanism, assessment and incentive system, and It is necessary to establish a talent training system so that people can truly play a huge role in this key factor of production, become the core competitiveness of enterprises, and help enterprises to become stronger and bigger.
  1. Enterprise execution
The implementation of corporate execution is a difficult matter, closely related to the leadership of the company, the organizational structure of the enterprise, the management system, and the efficiency of the work, strictly in accordance with the PDCA (Plan-Execute-Control-Revision) cycle, so as to ensure the planned carried out.
  1. Enterprise self-improvement ability
The so-called self-improvement ability of an enterprise refers to the ability of the enterprise to rebuild and correct errors. Establish and improve the self-improvement mechanism of the enterprise, establish a feedback system, and provide excellent after-sales service, with "quality-oriented, service-oriented" as the enterprise tenet.


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