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Would your cargo lifts suppliers adhere to Pre-installation

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Proper installation of Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (goods lifts) is vital to the safety of the operators, the efficiency of the unit, and the ultimate satisfaction of the end user. These guidelines have been prepared by member companies of the Material Handling Industry’s goods lift Subcommittee to assist the goods lift installers in understanding their role and responsibility in providing customers with a safe and reliable goods lift.
Pre-Installation Activity
A.  Whenever possible, make a pre-installation visit or call someone at the site. Installers must be familiar  with everything relative to proper installation of this equipment. It is the installer’s responsibility to check the site for problems and work out solutions with the appropriate people – preferably before installation begins.

B.  Check floor-to-floor dimensions on the general arrangement drawings to make sure that they match on-site conditions. Goods lift’s are designed and built to individual applications and specific customer requirements. It is difficult and expensive to modify the lift after it arrives for installation.
C.  Installation may or may not include unloading, permits, seismic calculations, or extensive acceptance testing. The requirements of each contract should be carefully reviewed for possible conflicts of interpretation.
D.  Each state, county, or municipality may have unique codes governing the installation and acceptance of goods lift’s. Acquaint yourself with the permitting and/or licensing requirements (and expenses) of the local regulatory agencies. Note also that some agencies may require inspection or testing before and/or after lift start-up.
E.  Make sure there is adequate ingress/egress to the installation site. Verify that the equipment can get through the existing doorways, halls, and shaft openings. Think through how the lift will be unloaded, carted/moved, raised into position, and accessed for installation, operation & maintenance.
F.  Verify the construction and integrity of building columns, joists, walls, or mezzanines that will be used to help support the goods lift mast guide beams.
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